Innovation in Therapeutic Hypothermia

Thermocrown is the first emergency hypothermic device designed to counteract neurologic degeneration immediately after TBI without the burden of systemic side effects (e.g., pneumonia, cardiac and coagulation abnormalities) due to a controlled and moderate cooling rate. Thermocrown is effective, easy to use, portable, affordable in large quantities, and suitable for use globally without modification.

Thermocrown – Emergency Hypothermia Device for TBI

Market Need: Traumatic brain injury is associated with high rates of mortality and long-term disabilities predominantly in the young and elderly. It comes at a tremendous socioeconomic burden of $76 billion in the U.S. Mortality is highest during the first two hours and before treatment can start in the ICU. There is a severe lack of prophylactic measures, pharmaceuticals and devices in acute care for TBI.

Solution and Opportunity: TBI is time and temperature dependent and hypothermia has been shown to have neuroprotectant effects. Ideal application of hypothermia is within the first, i.e. the “Golden Hour” of Acute Care, which requires innovative devices, that are portable and easy to use.

Thermocrown Product: Our principal product Thermocrown is an innovative hypothermia device for acute care consisting of a flexible and inflatable multi-layer hypothermia cover for head and neck and a small cartridge containing compressed cooling gas. Thermocrown is unique in that it is:

1. Effective
2. Easy to use
3. Designed for EMS and First Aid
4. Portable and affordable in large quantities

Thermocrown is a single-use device and scalable for a wide range of applications.

Thermopraxis - Innovating Emergency Care for TBI

Company Mission:

Thermopraxis aims to revolutionize the acute care of traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims by leveraging the neuroprotectant effects of therapeutic hypothermia, which will lead to significant improvements in outcome. The company’s principal product, Thermocrown, is an innovative portable hypothermia device for EMS & first responders.

Company Structure:

Thermopraxis Holdings, Inc. (“THI” or “Thermopraxis”) is headquartered in New York City and has two strategic subsidiaries, one based in New York and one based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Management Team:

Renato Rozental, MD, PhD | Co-founder and Inventor
Dr. Rozental co-founded Thermopraxis. He has over 20 years of experience as a neuroscientist specializing in neuroprotection (i.e., hypoxia, ischemia and trauma). He is an Adjunct Professor (Neurophysiology) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Previous positions included Clinical Full Professor (Neurophysiology) at the Dept. of Neurosurgery, Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA, Associate Professor (Anesthesiology, Neurosurgery and Cell Biology) at the New York Medical College and Assistant Professor (Neuroscience and Anesthesiology) at the Albert Einstein Medical College, in Bronx, NY.

Anthony Finley, LLB | Co-founder and President
Mr. Finley co-founded Thermopraxis. He is an entrepreneur and attorney with over 35 years of experience in finance and international business. He has worked at several major law firms and international businesses in the New York area, and has prior experience in forming and financing companies.

Arndt O. Welsch-Lehmann | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Mr. Welsch-Lehmann co-founded FOS Advisors, a healthcare-focused venture building and M&A advisory firm. He has over 20 years of experience in international banking and investment management positions. He was a Managing Director at a New York-based private equity firm from 2002-2012 where his team managed over $300 million in capital and closed 22 private equity investments.

Erdo Okatan | Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Mr. Okatan co-founded FOS Advisors, a healthcare focused venture building and M&A advisory firm. He has over 20 years of healthcare industry experience including operational experience with Medtech start ups, managing growth from inception through to successful exit. Prior to starting FOS Advisors, Mr. Okatan held key management positions at Olympus America, Inc., leading the surgical endoscopy business in the U.S.

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Anthony L. Finley
Thermopraxis Holdings, Inc.

535 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor
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Caution: Thermocrown is an investigational device and not for sale in the U.S.A. It is limited by United States law to investigational use only.